Wolf OR-7 Expedition Documentary

A 1,200-mile expedition retracing the route of the first known wolf in California since 1924 to learn about wildlife recovery, human-wildlife conflict, and living with predators in changed landscapes.


Popular expedition website and social media following

—Over 46,000 pageviews from 112 countries

—65 blog posts, over 500 images, multiple videos with over 10,000 collective views

—2,400 followers on Facebook (with a social reach peaking at 94,000 people in one day) and 580 followers on Twitter

—25 question/response educational series answering questions received online

—Dozens of public presentations, with hundreds reached (including other team member presentations) across the United States and internationally


Other products produced:

—Digital and print map “Wolf OR-7 Story Map”

—Online Video “Timelapse of 1,200 miles in the Tracks of a Wolf”

—Photo series “Wolf OR-7’s Journey in Photos From the Forest Floor”

—Digital ebook of expedition’s online content

—Numerous poems and oral stories


Multiple press interviews and articles

—Associated Press News story with global print syndication
Numerous radio and print stories 

—Over 20 online articles promoting work of expedition


$35,000 Expedition budget funded by

—2 major sponsorships for core expedition costs

—9 in-kind supporters and gear sponsors

—10 organizational endorsements and support

—$22,485 KickStarter Fundraising Campaign with over 250 donors and 10,000 social media shares


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Educational poster created to share the story of Wolf OR-7, completed in collaboration with team member Rachael Pecore-Valcez and illustrator Emma Munger.

Selection of photos from "From the Forest Floor," a series of photos documenting items encountered on our journey.