Walking Collective Podcast

An audio project to bring listeners a mix of walking-inspired interviews, guides, and soundscapes.

Collaborators: Augusta Thompson & Sam Kellogg

Years: 2020-2021


In early 2020, I applied for a Community Building grant from the Gallatin School of Individualized Studies to help create a walking group on NYU’s campus with a few other grad school friends.

We met in person only a few times due to COVID-19, but in lieu of in-person meet-ups, we created podcast episodes for members to listen to and then later discuss in online conversations.

I lead the production of our podcast episodes, from pre-interviews to recording and audio editing. Additionally, I ran our website and facilitated many of the virtual meetings. 

And while our journal and final podcast episode were never released, what started as a very small group on campus grew to attract members from other universities and the general public due to our social media and public sharing of our podcast materials. 

Below is a photo shared on our collective instagram. 

Episode one

Walking on Native Land

In conversation with Joe Whittle, a photographer, writer, seasonal US Forest Ranger, and enrolled member of the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma and descendant member of the Delaware Nation of Oklahoma. Follow him at @joewhittlephotography. Our episode features an image of Joe’s friend, Kanim, as gathers wild cous roots (aka cous biscuitroot) in a garden that was tended by his ancestors for over 15,000 years (Nimiipuu Territory).

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Episode TWO

Connecting to Place in Iceland

“Can walking build connection to place? How can I connect to the places I move through, if I’m only an ephemeral traveler?”  Our second episode features a conversation with Henry Fletcher and Jay Simpson as they reflect the place-based connections within their work around trails, walking, foraging, and creative engagement in the Westfjords of Iceland.


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My walk brought back memories of squeezing through a bustling subway platform—but in reality it was a quiet afternoon in a salt marsh crowded in with common reeds (Phragmites australis) and common mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris). #nycwalks #walking #urbannatureculture #bronx