Coyotes, Urban Naturecultures, and Feral Cohabitation in the Anthropocene

An experimental multispecies ethnography of coyotes in New York City written to complete M.A. thesis at New York University Gallatin School of Individualized Studies and accompanied by a short experimental multispecies ethnographic film.


This project is ongoing and I am currently revising my thesis to share as a paperback book, losing the academic writing constraints and gaining more connective ties to related stories and media about coyotes, trespass, and colonization. Contact me for more information.

The Sonocene Podcast Ep 4: Following Coyotes

Podcast appearance to share reflections from my fieldwork. Find more information and other podcast episodes from the Sonocene.

Stills from video documentation of tracking coyotes in the snow (The Bronx, NYC, 2020).