Westfjords Cairn Restoration

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The Elephants of Thailand

Travel to Thailand and you'll find a special, historied relationship between humans and Asian elephants. After 5,000 years of coexistence, what can we learn from taking a glimpse at the diverse lives of wild Asian elephants, captive elephants working in the city of Surin, and elephants living at a sanctuary in Kanchanaburi Province?


The Trouble With Visiting the Tigers of Thailand

[Accompanying story coming soon] Before visiting the home of the only growing population of wild tigers in Southeast Asia, learn the difference between winning conservation and the booming industry of tiger tourism and illegal trafficking.

Elephant's World

How much food does a Thai elephant eat in a day?

During my time traveling in Thailand to explore this unique relationship to elephants, I had to wonder: what does it take to feed a captive elephant—just how much food does a Thai elephant eat in a day?


Thailand Travel Journal

Photos from traveling in Thailand, 2015.

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Wildfjords of Iceland

An effort to preserve historic walking routes and restore native forests in Iceland’s remote Westfjords region. More photos soon.


Wolf OR-7 Expedition

The Wolf OR-7 Expedition retraced the approximate dispersal route recorded by the GPS collar worn by the famous Oregon wolf known as Wolf OR-7. This young male grey wolf traversed over 1,200 miles through Oregon ...


From the Forest Floor

During the days we spent walking Wolf OR-7’s dispersal route, I found myself endlessly fascinated watching the landscape transform. Some transitions were stark, like exiting a tree line as we rode out of Malheur National ...

Photo by David Moskowitz.

Jay Simpson

Jay Simpson is a National Geographic (NatGeo) Young Explorer Photographer & Guide based in San Francisco. As a digital storyteller trained in anthropology, Jay collaborates with experts and practitioners facing social challenges to utilize multimedia storytelling as an intervention tool to encourage behavior change. He has created multimedia projects and awareness materials related to HIV/AIDS, women’s rights, urban issues, and conservation challenges with local communities, experts, and non-profits across the United States and Southern and East Africa. Recently, his work has focused on issues surrounding human-wildlife conflicts around the world. His first collaborative project was part of the Wolf OR-7 Expedition, a 1,200 mile trek to explore human-wolf coexistence in the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, Jay has traveled to Thailand to photograph the connection between conservation, wildlife and tourism. His Wild Peace Atlas project will be a future multimedia narrative project to explore human-wildlife conflict as a global system.